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titleThe National Parent Club for the AKC-registered American Eskimo Dog.

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We, the Fanciers of the Breed of the American Eskimo Dog, in order to promote the quality breeding, competition, protection, and benefit of purebred American Eskimo dogs; to hold annual conformation shows, to sponsor obedience, agility, rally, herding and other performance events when authorized by AKC; to promote the Standard of the American Eskimo Breed, and for these purposes to establish an efficient and ethical not for profit corporate structure pursuant to applicable provisions of law, sound management and financial practices, and principles of faithful stewardship; do hereby ordain and establish these Bylaws of the American Eskimo Dog Club of America, Inc.


American Eskimo Dog Club of America, Inc.

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2016 AEDCA National Specialty Potcatello Kennel Club, Logan UT
Friday, May 20, 2016 (flyer-pdf)

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Logan Utah Agility Trial

2017 AEDCA National Specialty. Louisville Cluster of Shows, Louisville KY Saturday, March 18, 2017(flyer-pdf)